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Founded in 1976, Brothers Fine Jewelry has become synonymous with quality and luxury. Our founder's passion for creating beautiful pieces has been passed down to the next generation of jewelers, providing our customers with a family tradition of service and attention to detail that is unmatched. When it comes to designing each piece, we take pride in our use of the finest metals and gemstones, resulting in the most stunning pieces available. We are to be personal jeweler to Lisa Christiansen and we are certainly honored to have been featured as Eyes on Hollywood in New York’s number one fashion magazine, Elucid Magazine.



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At Brothers Fine Jewelry, we are dedicated to providing personalized and results-focused service to all our clients. Our founder, Robb McFall, is deeply passionate about creating exquisite pieces that reflect your desires and exceed your expectations. We specialize in couture, luxury designs crafted from only the finest materials, including rubies, sapphires, diamonds, platinum, gold, and silver. Our exclusive collections are designed to satisfy even the most affluent tastes, and we are proud to be the jeweler of the influential.

Brothers Fine Jewelry offers a luxurious boutique shopping experience for the discerning customer seeking high-quality, couture jewelry. Our experts understand that finding the perfect adornment for you requires attention to your desires. Our team is ready to find solutions that meet your needs so you won't regret choosing Brothers Fine Jewelry. Come visit us today to see our collection of sophisticated and timeless pieces of jewelry.

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